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  • Half Price Offer for Tinnitus Awareness Week

    This year Tinnitus Awareness Week runs from the 8th to the 14th February. To mark this special week, we are offering you a tinnitus consultation, for half the usual price. The usual cost for this consultation would be £160, but we are offering it for £80 if you book the appointment any time between the 8th and 14th February.

    The tinnitus consultation usually takes place after the initial free of charge assessment and consists of a more detailed battery of tests and questionnaires to fully understand the effects of your tinnitus.

    What happens at the initial tinnitus assessment

    This initial assessment is free of charge and without obligation.

    The objective of this assessment is to get an understanding of the effect of your tinnitus on your lifestyle. We will also identify the most appropriate management tool for your individual requirement, ie tinnitus management programme or hearing aid fitting? Finally we will re-appoint for the full tinnitus/hearing assessment with our tinnitus specialist.

    At this appointment we will:

    • Take a brief history and score your tinnitus questionnaire to get a quick insight of how severely you are affected by tinnitus currently.
    • Very quick screening hearing test.
    • Depending on the outcome of your hearing test we will briefly discuss and explain about tinnitus.
    • If appropriate we will demonstrate hearing aid(s) or sound simulators.
    • You will then be in a position to either opt for our full tinnitus management program or hearing aid fitting program, whichever is the most appropriate solution.

    Tinnitus Assessment

    This appointment usually costs £160 and we are offering it to you for only £80 during Tinnitus Awareness Week! The assessment will take up to 2 hours and consists of a battery of tests and questionnaires to fully understand the effects of your tinnitus.

    Tests include:

    • Medical history to find out about any existing medical conditions,
    • Tinnitus perception inventory to understand the severity level of your tinnitus.
    • Tinnitus intake questionnaire to find out the physical, emotional and social consequences of tinnitus.
    • Otoscopy to establish the health and condition of your outer ear and eardrum.
    • Tympanometry to establish the health of your middle ear.
    • Puretone audiogram to assess your hearing levels including air and bone conduction thresholds.
    • Uncomfortable loudness levels finding your sound tolerance levels.
    • Tinnitus pitch matching to find the approximate frequency of your tinnitus.
    • Tinnitus mask ability to understand the intensity you experience with your tinnitus.

    Advice and Information

    • We will discuss the test results after compiling and reviewing them.
    • We will explain tinnitus causes for you to better understand your condition.
    • We will then discuss and formulate your treatment programme.


    Please click to find out more about our tinnitus management solutions.

    Contact us to book your half price tinnitus assessment now.

  • Widex Unique Open Days

    We invite you to a Unique Experience at our Widex Unique Open Days

    Wednesday 27th January – Farnham Common

    Thursday 28th January – Marlow

    We are very pleased to be able to keep you informed of the latest technology available. Unique is the latest hearing technology, recently launched by Widex and we have been receiving excellent reviews to date.

    If you are interested in finding out more about what’s new, and what the benefits are, please book a place at either of our two open days to find out more.

    Whether you are an existing user of hearing devices, or have not yet taken the opportunity to try them, our events will be an ideal opportunity to be informed and to consider options available to you.

    On hand to support on the day will be a Unique product expert from Widex, Stuart Bowen. Stuart will be happy to explain more of the product features and what benefits they can actually bring to wearers, as well as a chance to demonstrate the product so you can experience the benefits yourself.

    Get Connected

    We will also be demonstrating the latest wireless listening devices available from Widex that allow you to transmit your mobile phone conversations and music directly into your hearing aids from your smartphone.

    We want to emphasise that this is an information day, with no obligation to purchase hearing aids on the day. The day will be relaxed and informal with refreshments. We also encourage you to bring along a friend or family member.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our practice. Book your place by calling 01753 642687 for Farnham Common or 01628 482101 for Marlow.

    Please contact us on the above numbers or by email if you have any questions about the Widex Unique open day or any other hearing related topic.

    We look forward to welcoming you at the events.

  • Independent audiologists provide better care

    Hear Better This Year – Your New Year’s Resolution

    Another new year is here and you may have decided this year to eat more healthily, exercise more and take care of yourself better. If that’s the case, make sure you include looking after your hearing as a priority. We explain why your new year’s resolution should be to hear better this year.

    58% of people have never had their hearing checked

    The hearing aid manufacturer Phonak has found that that while most people get their eyesight, blood pressure and teeth checked on a regular basis, 58% of people have never had their hearing checked – that’s despite 30% of those surveyed thinking it should be checked up to once a year.

    Not knowing hearing tests are available, where to find them or thinking they can’t afford them are the reasons 42% cite for not having their hearing checked more regularly. Over a quarter (27%), meanwhile, just ‘get by ok’.

    Why you should have your hearing checked regularly

    It’s a good idea to have a hearing check-up regularly so you can be sure any changes in your hearing are picked up earlier than you might notice yourself, and so that any preventable problems can be avoided.

    Hearing tests are free at Help in Hearing

    At Help in Hearing we carry out hearing tests in a friendly and comfortable environment using the latest testing equipment. Hearing tests require concentration but are not painful. We will discuss your lifestyle and medical history related to your ears and hearing in depth.

    A professional audiologist will examine your ears with a Video-Otoscope, giving you the opportunity to have a look into your own ears on a screen.

    After the completion of various tests, including speech comprehension, loudness tolerance and middle ear pressure tests, the results will be explained and solutions recommended appropriate for your personal requirements.

    We always recommend you bring either your spouse, a friend or relative to the initial consultation as it will take approximately one and a half hours when a lot of information will be passed on.

    Book your hearing test now

    Give yourself peace of mind this New Year and come down to our specialist hearing clinics situated near Gerrards Cross and Marlow to have an extensive hearing test. You can see more information about what is covered in one of our hearing tests here.