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  • Cochlear Implant Accessories now Available at Help in Hearing

    We are delighted to announce that Help in Hearing is now able to help you with your requirements for cochlear implant accessories, including the very popular AquaCase waterproof case.

    The Advanced Bionics range of accessories allow cochlear implant recipients to customise their Advanced Bionics sound processors to fit their needs—all weather, all sports, all terrain, all ages and all lifestyles.


    AquaCase Waterproof Case for Cochlear Implants

    The AquaCase accessory from Advanced Bionics is the world’s first and only swimmable, waterproof case for cochlear implant recipients and we are pleased that this product is now available here at Help in Hearing. Hear your world while bathing, swimming, snorkelling, surfing the waves, crossing the street in a downpour, jet-skiing on a lake, mountain biking, mud running, rock climbing, river rafting down rapids, or taking part in any exciting adventure that comes your way.

    Read about the AquaCase here.

    Wireless Accessories for Cochlear Implants

    Advanced Bionics (AB) Naída CI Q70 recipients have access to a range of wireless accessories designed to make hearing in challenging situations easier and more comfortable. This includes ComPilot, the only all-in-one remote control and hands-free streaming device, with voice alerts and the option of additional accessories such as the TVLink II and RemoteMic from Phonak.

    Read about the range of cochlear implant wireless accessories here.

  • Stop the Cuts to NHS Hearing Aid Services

    Free hearing check-up offer for people affected by NHS hearing aid cuts

    We were sad to discover that the NHS has started to deny hearing aids to people suffering with mild hearing loss. This was announced recently, with the first reports coming from the North Staffordshire area, where sufferers are no longer eligible for free hearing aids. Freedom of information requests submitted by the charity, Action on Hearing Loss, shows that twenty-two other NHS Trusts and Commissioning Groups, including Brent (north London), Trafford (Manchester), Gateshead and South Tyneside are looking into “decommissioning” some audiology services. In addition, some other NHS trusts have limited hearing aids to one per person, for some patients, in areas such as Sheffield, Kent and Gloucestershire.

    NHS chiefs advises “Just lip read”

    The Daily Mail recently reported that it has seen a leaflet, distributed to patients in the North Staffordshire area, advising people with hearing loss “You can’t have a hearing aid – just lip read instead,” advice which we find unbelievable.

    We know that hearing aids not only improve people’s hearing, but can also improve other conditions brought about by an inability to hear, such as depression, loneliness and dementia. We believe that removing free hearing aids would force people further into isolation, leading to increased need for NHS services to treat these other conditions.

    Hearing-checkup at Help in Hearing

    Contact us for a hearing check-up at either our Farnham Common or Marlow hearing clinics, by telephoning us on 0845 222 0579 or by completing your details on our online form

    Click to find out more about the Action on Hearing Loss campaign to stop the cuts to NHS hearing aid services.