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Paul Burgess of 10cc talks about the Phonak Belong Rechargeable

Paul Burgess is an English rock drummer, most famous for being the drummer with the English band 10cc since 1973. We recently fitted Paul with the Phonak Belong Rechargeable hearing aids. These are the first hearing aids to feature a specifically designed built-in-lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides 24 hours of hearing with one simple 3-hour […]

Common hearing aid myths

Technology is changing at a very fast pace, and it’s hard to keep up—with computers, with cell phones, and with hearing aids. If you’ve had experience with hearing aids in the past, or even if you’ve just heard about previous generations of hearing technology, it’s very likely that you have some misconceptions. Read our common […]

Love, Marriage and Mishearing

Mishearing can lead to frustration and misunderstanding for one or both partners in a relationship, but how do you prevent mishearing in the first place? Patience is very important. Communicating openly can help you and your partner maintain a lasting, loving relationship. Here are some of the basic steps, which any couple can employ, to build […]



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