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Gilly’s firewalk raises £605 for charity Action on Hearing Loss

In an earlier blog we told you that our Practice Manager, Gilly Wright, was about to do a charity firewalk. Well, we’re thrilled to report that Gilly has raised £605 for hearing charity Action on Hearing Loss, by doing a firewalk on the 2nd November. The firewalk involved walking barefoot across 15 feet of burning […]

Hearing aids recycling scheme

We regularly recycle used hearing aids by donating them to the Lions Club for their hearing aid recycling scheme. This allows the Lions Club to provide affordable hearing aids for hard-of-hearing individuals who have limited financial resources. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 278 million people around the world have moderate to profound hearing […]

Oticon OPN Review

For many years I managed to hear well with one ear. I had battled with Meniere’s Disease, resulting in moderate to severe hearing loss on the left side. I was coping just fine until the day my body decided to let me down. I developed a Cholesteatoma in my “good” ear. The operation to remove […]

Paul Burgess of 10cc talks about the Phonak Belong Rechargeable

Paul Burgess is an English rock drummer, most famous for being the drummer with the English band 10cc since 1973. We recently fitted Paul with the Phonak Belong Rechargeable hearing aids. These are the first hearing aids to feature a specifically designed built-in-lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides 24 hours of hearing with one simple 3-hour […]



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